BaJiQuan Class for C coach lecture in 2022

  1. Purpose: To cultivate excellent coaching talents and improve the quality of coaches, so as to promote BaJiQuan.
  2. Organizer: BaJiQuan Association of the Republic of China (Taiwan)
  3. Supporter: Science Museum Coach Field, FengJia Coach Field
  4. Objects of the lecture: members of the branch, coaching fields, colleges and universities affiliated to the association who meet the qualifications to participate.
  5. Participation Qualifications: This time only C-level new training will be held, and the participants should meet the following conditions at the same time

a. At least 20 years old, with high school education or above, with good character.
b. Must be an individual member of the Association.
c. Must be signed and recommended by the coach in charge of each field, or the coach of the Association above grade C.
(Please refer to the attachment for the membership application form and the recommendation form of the registration form)

  1. Time: October 8 (Saturday) to 9 (Sunday), 2022 (24 hours)
  2. Location: B1, No. 87, Sichuan Road, Xitun District, Taichung City, Taiwan (Hankou Pavilion, Woz Innovation Space)
  3. Lecture content:

Coaching Literacy, Introduction to BaJiQuan, Training methods and Correction of BaJiQuan, Sports Theory and Nutrition, Gender Equality Education etc.

  1. Cost: NT 2,500 (including meals)
  2. Certificates: Those who have passed the examination after participating in the whole course will be issued with a Class C coach certificate of the Association.
  3. Registration methods:
    • Fill out a registration form and submit 2 one-inch photos.
    • All units affiliated to the Association shall apply uniformly, E-MAIL:
      【If you have any questions, please contact Secretary General Mr. Zhan at 0923-812609 】
    • The registration fee must be paid within three days after registration.
    • Registration date: from now until September 16, 2022. (No training will be held if the number of people is less than 25)
    • Remittance account [Due to the change of the association account, the chairman’s account is used this time]
      Shanghai Commercial Savings Bank Zhubei Branch (head office code 011; branch code 0705)
      Account number: 70203000037562
      Account Name: Lin, Yao-Ching
  4. The Association reserves the right to change the training methods.